current cng and petrol prices in pakistan

current cng and petrol prices in pakistan

current cng and petrol prices in pakistan

Petrol Rs. 96.58
High Speed Diesel Rs. 107.26
CNG Rs. 140
kerosine oil Rs. 100.46


As in each month there a bomb of increase in petrol prices has been dropped on the people of pakistan. so for this current month of auguest another bomb of 5 pkr increase in petrol price has dropped on the people. the previous price was 113.1 and new price became 118.1 on petrol pumps. round 6 rupees increase occured in high speed diesel which was previous 126.3 and 5 rupees increase in kerosene oil as well. And remember this isn't a stop to these bombs, you will see an increase in september as well and so on.

Above are the prices currently on petrol pumps. We daily visits CNG and petrol pumps and updating these prices when there is an update. As unstability of the country fuel prices are increasing time by time, each month we see and increase in petroleum prices. CNG prices also increased as well. These high prices of petrol and cng in pakistan made the life of not only car owners but every individual very difficult and still we don't see these prices have stopped here, but it will be increasing more as well in comming times as dollar value is also increasing day by day.

In previous times when petrol prices were high but CNG was too affordable fuel then at that time people started to put CNG ket on their vehicles and many of the vehicles started to convert into CNG from petrol, as at that time if I remember petrol was round about pkr 80 while CNG were some where Rs. 17 but today petrol is Rs. 113 while CNG is 7 rupees expensive than petrol which is Rs. 120 And few days later I have seen another news that CNG authorities requested that in comming time CNG price should have 47% increase in price. If that increase occured then fair will be so increased that now when you travel in public raksha for 10 rupees will became 50 rupees and the living of the poor people will be became so much difficult. By listening to this great increase in fuel prices some of the people say that the govt. should apply tax on oxygen as well.

In this last year CNG price was increased from 76/kg to 120/kg which is 44 rupees increase per kg and still going. same strategy for other fuels as well. Lets see how much we have to be patient about this ongoing increasing fuel prices bumbs.

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