Which car should I buy in Pakistan?

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    Pakistan Vehicles 1 year ago

    Which car should I buy in Pakistan? A lot of people asking this question when they want to buy their first car in Pakistan. And the answer to this question is not too simply but today I will help you out with some key elements that you can keep in mind to make a better decision yourself.


    Budget is one of the main thing which specifies the available options to you within that required budget and it’s the first thing you have to specify that this is the available budget I want to spend on buying a car in Pakistan.

    In Pakistan Car Prices are higher as compared to other countries:

    In Pakistan car prices are round 400% higher than that of the other countries like UK, USA, UAE and even in India vehicles are cheaper than Pakistan. In these countries old cars don’t have such worth as in Pakistan. My cousin bought Honda accord for about 25 thousand pounds in uk and then few years later sold it for one thousand pounds as there people usually buy new cars and old cars are too cheap. Anyhow in Pakistan there isn’t any proper direct collection of tax and that’s the reason govt. is collect tax through these means like on vehicles there are 200% tax as if a car worth 5 lacs then you have to pay 15 lacs for it as 10 lacs will be govt tax on it. So a car no one willing to buy in united states or uk for $1000 dollars, in Pakistan people will buy it for round $7,000 And another reason for expensiveness is there isn’t any tough competition in the automobile industry in Pakistan as there are three companies Suzuki, Toyota and Honda from several decades. Only now govt is changing there policies and new automobile companies are coming into Pakistan like United(already started there production),Renault,Hyundai, Kia and volkswagon etc So if you live in Pakistan and want to buy a car in Pakistan then you have to follow the rules as per the govt to have a legal car to drive on the roads on Pakistan.

    Pakistani Road Condition:

    Pakistani roads are very poor, due to no proper maintenance and lack of water drainage system these roads are bumpy and its damaging to vehicles. In some big cities roads are somehow fine but still there are speed breakers so ground clearance issue you have to keep in mind. Usually Honda cars will rub against these speed breakers. Now if you well know in which area you are living and either you will be driving mostly in city or on highway mostly and what’s the condition of the roads you will be using so consider this thing to buy a vehicles. A low ground clearance car usually have better road stability while a high ground clearance vehicle will have little bit less ground stability but my own preference are cars having good ground clearance as in Pakistan are best for these roads.

    A car for these roads should have very good suspensions otherwise you will feels non comfortable as well as your car will be damaging as well. A car like Suzuki mehran will also have cracks on the frame due to these roads which you have to weld or you have to drive too much slowly on bumpy roads if you have a car having bad suspensions.

    Used or New car:

    Are you looking for a used car or you want to buy a brand new car. If you want to use a car for several years before reselling it then better to buy a new car instead of old one as old one will usually you have to visit each month or each week to mechanic for fixing issues. While new cars for an year or 2 years depending on your driving habit will not require any work. But on new car you have to spend initial more on initial price. Prefer only old cars if you have time to spend with mechanics and don’t have enough good budget to buy a brand new car and mechanics will also be charging you as well each month or week depends on your car condition.

     Spare parts:

    One of the major aspects while buying a car in Pakistan is the availability of its spare parts. Local manufactured cars parts will always be available while many imported cars spare parts will be difficult to find and that’s why will be expensive to get.

    Also you have to check maintenance cost on spare parts, Toyota spare parts will be normally cheaper than Honda cars parts. So for that you have to research the market if the car you are buying will have spare parts availability in the market and how much is its cost. One of the major reason people buying Suzuki mehran in Pakistan was the cheapest available spare parts in the market.

    Resale Value:

    Resale is also a key factor to consider as time will come when you will be upgrading your car or you might be in need of money so you have to look which cars in the market have good sale value. In Pakistani market people mostly prefer hatchback cars like swift, Toyota vitz and Suzuki alto etc. And cars within 1.2 million budget have good resale value as compared to cars having worth of upto 2.5 or 3 million. These cars will still be sold but little patience you will need.


    A low class Japanese car will have good safety features while a local car will compromise on it.

    But in Pakistan speed on road in usually very slow as compared to other countries, here in cities you will be driving with speed of 30kmph to 60kmph usually while in other countries roads have its own minimum speed limit usually 50 to 60 miles per second.


    If you have 4 to 6 lacs budget:

    If your budget is 4 to 6 lacs then you have few options. Either buy a Suzuki mehran 800cc or you can buy a Suzuki alto 100cc in old condition. A Suzuki mehran 2008 to 2013 will came within that budget and an alto 2004 to 2007 will cost you in that range but alto will have good suspension and having good AC cooling capacity than mehran, so better go for Alto 1000cc if you don’t have more budget. But remember that alto 1000cc will have fuel average of about 7km/l to 12km/l while mehran will give you 12km/l to 18km/l so fuel economy you have to compromise if you need comport otherwise mehran is best option

    If you have 8 to 10 lacs budget:

    If your budget is round 8 to 10 lacs then better options will be to go for either Honda city 2004 to 2006 or Toyota vitz. Toyota vitz will have better fuel economy and little bit good ground clearance than Honda. You know better on which roads you will be driving, so make a decision according to that. There are also new cars available within this budget like united bravo but these cars will not give you better comport, only buy these cars If you drive totally in city. For long routes these used cars will be much better.

    If you have 1.5 to 2 million budget:

    Within this range you can buy a new Suzuki cultus vxl or a Suzuki alto or can import a Japanese Toyota vitz in good condition. You also can buy a hybrid Toyota aqua within 2 million budget. My personal preference will be to buy vitz or buy an automatic Toyota corolla altis within this range if you need a sedan car. Vitz fuel economy will little bit better than Toyota corolla within city.

    If you want to spend more than 2 million:

    My personal preference will be Honda BRV within this range as BRV is I think the first car from Honda having very good ground clearance also have seating capacity of upto 6 to 7 adults people easily and having rear AC winds for them as well.

    Let me end it here and let me hear from you people in comments. These are all my experience and my thoughts, people can argue with me offcourse.


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    Hussain 1 year ago

    Sir Kindly update this article with latest prices and cars. Secondly, also write something like an Idiot's guide to buy a new/used car in Pakistan covering aspects what to inspect in a car, testing the vehicle, checking legal documents etc.

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    Daryl Oliver 11 months ago

    Many people want to buy the car but they don’t have the information about the car which car they should buy for their personal use. So the better option is to first learn and take advices from good sources and then go for one to experience yourself. Thanks, it was amazing info

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